Alix Olson

Alix Olson serves up some good eatin’ with Independence Meal. Read Jamie Murnane’s review to find out more.

Alix Olson serves up yet another plate-full of truly independent spoken word on her latest Subtle Sister Productions release, Independence Meal. The new album successfully displays Olson’s ability to deliver her politically-charged verse with a fierce driving voice one minute and a calm melodious one the next.

Olson’s work has always been best known for its brutal honesty and independent mentality. It’s safe to say that those traits are never compromised. Sticking close to her political musings, Alix Olson justifiably rants about the war in Iraq and the slanted media coverage—issues that are too often pushed under the rug by many conventional artists.

Howard Zinn sound bytes are laced throughout “Pirates,” the leading track on the album, as Olson recites, “…the TV news anchors say rage flows for no reason, now stick these antennas on your head, freedom of thought my channel treason, yes freedom of thought my channel treason.”

Of course, there is a softer side to everything and Alix Olson, as angry as she may seem, is no exception. On the seductive track “Unsteady Things,” Olson lures listeners with lines such as “…Your best is impossibly beautiful, your charm transcends unbearable, and I’ve got all this desire clutched behind my back. I will lay down my resistance; I will wait for you to crack…”

Independence Meal not only doles out great lyrics, it’s full of great supporting music as well. Prominently, Olson’s pal Pamela Means (who she’s also known to tour with) spices things up with her feverish guitar strumming. Olson’s spoken word may stand alone just fine, but with Means’ help, Independence Meal seems to be the best dish on the menu.

When you’re ready for dessert, top off listening to Alix Olson’s second album with a hearty live performance. Check out for more information.