Get Rid of a Double Chin

Double chins are not uncommon. You obviously know what they are as to a lot of other people who find them unsightly and ugly. Most people who have double chins want to have them removed. You can of course opt for a surgery to have it removed. It is called liposuction. But apart from this expensive cosmetic surgery, there is a fairly simple way on how to get rid of your double chin: exercise!

Let us first explore the causes that makes one develop a double chin. It is widely thought that double chins are the direct outcome of overall state of being. That includes your age, health, lifestyle and weight. If you are overweight you will have a double chin so naturally, the obvious way to get rid of your double chin is to lose weight. To counter the excess fat you would need to change your eating habit. A healthier diet would reduce your intake of excessive calories which would other wise be stored in embarrassing places, like your double chin. So getting rid of a double chin is no different from trying to remove a love handle. A double chin is nothing but fat stored around your neck and this fat can and should be removed a proper diet, and if possible, a workout plan. Cardiovascular exercises like running and brisk walking help you lose weight faster.

But recent studies have shown that double chins are not necessarily the outcome of obesity. There are other factors at work, factors that are genetic. So if you do have a double chin, blame it on your genes!

We recommend that you do this proven exercise that can tone down your double chin.

Begin by opening your mouth, stretch it as wide as you can till you feel comfortable. Don’t worry if you feel silly about this. Just do it! Hold your mouth open for about fifteen seconds. Keep time, see your watch or a wall clock. Close your mouth. Keep it closed, and rest for five seconds, and then repeat. See that you keep the mouth open the same amount of time for both the sets.

Do this exercise seven to ten times each day. You will most definitely see some changes. This exercise will get rid of your double chin you do this, your chin, neck, and mouth are in such a position that it strains the muscles under your chin. Thus those particular muscles are tightened. And even if you don’t fell any strain don’t take it lightly. Keep exercising.

You might find it hard to do the exercises as it makes you feel silly. Try doing it in places where you will not feel self-conscious. Try doing them in the privacy of your washroom, when you are alone at home or inside your car. The point is to keep doing until your chin starts firming up.

If you have a double chin don’t feel disheartened. Remember that you can get rid of them. It is not that hard. Especially because now you know the causes and the ways to get rid of your double chin .You won’t ever have to feel embarrassed about your double chin again. So don’t wait, start exercising. You will lose that unattractive piece of flesh.