Snacks to avoid and how to replace them

What are the unhealthy snacks out on the market? Potato chips, tortilla chips, candy bars, coffee, ice cream, pastries and doughnuts are included. And what are the healthy snacks that should be kept around the house instead of junk food? Peaches, grapes, pears, cherries, kiwi, carrots, corn and bananas are some. What is the appeal of some of the unhealthy snacks that people keep around the house? There are more than likely several reasons people choose junk food as a source of malnutrition. 

Potato chips are slices of potatoes deep fried in oil and salted. Tortilla chips are similar except corn or flour tortillas are used instead of potato slices. As far as health foods go, a potato or tortilla may not be way down on the list of healthy foods, but what about salt and oil? Imagine gulping down vegetable oil straight from the plastic bottle. One way to counter the craving for tortilla or potato chips is to keep some delicious grapes around. They’re a good bite-size replacement snack.

Pastries and doughnuts are a mixture of dairy products, sugar, flour, oils and sometimes shortening. One healthy alternative to that could be oatmeal with sugar and fruit. Sugar  is something our body actually needs, although how processed sugar compares to natural sugar found in fruits and some vegetables is unclear. Contrary to popular belief, sugar doesn’t cause cavities or weight gain; those side effects can be contributed to dairy and all animal products. 

Ice cream is usually made of dairy products, sugar and other various ingredients such as fruit or chunks of chocolate. Most candy bars contain dairy products, sugar and cocoa. Cocoa is a product enjoyed by many, but its health value is quite low, probably equal to coffee. Replace coffee and cocoa with freshly squeezed orange juice or another type of fruit juice.

So why do people choose unhealthy snacks over healthy ones? One reason may be some people just don’t care, and they are free to live life the way they want. Another possible reason is people just don’t know what’s healthy and what isn’t. There isn’t a lot of solid information about what foods are truly healthy and which ones aren’t. For example, how does green spinach compare to an apple?

Finally, a lot of the time fruit bought in stores doesn’t taste that good. And when good fruit does arrive in the grocery store it doesn’t last long. It almost feels like a losing battle, trying to eat healthy and being faced with less than great testing health foods. Pick your fruit carefully and pay attention to when great tasting fruit arrives in your grocery store so you can resupply. Many times pesticides may or may not have been sprayed on the fruit. No one seems to know exactly how toxic the pesticides are or how much was sprayed. A way to fix some of these problems may be to plant some fruit trees and a vegetable garden in the yard. That’s a great way to get some exercise and supplement your food source.